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5 Stars

When my fibroids became symptomatic, I began researching treatment options. My GYN doc only recommended progesterone therapy, myometcomy, or hysterectomy. Both myomectomy and hysterectomy were not ideal options for me because the recovery is 6 weeks and I am very active. Plus, I did not want my uterus removed if it was not necessary (after all it cannot be put back if I regret the decision). So, I conducted my own research on options and I discovered uterine fibroid embolization (UFE). My GYN was not supportive of the procedure but the more I researched it the more it felt like the right choice for me. I underwent UFE in January and the results have been awesome so far! I had some cramping the evening of the procedure but was able to go home (no overnight hospital stay) and the meds my doctor prescribed alleviated my cramp discomfort quickly. The next morning I woke up pain free. I continued to feel great and three days later I was able to snow shoe. Four days after the procedure I was skiing. I also had my period start the day after the procedure and it was greatly improved from what I had been experiencing (long and very heavy periods). I am now 6 weeks after the procedure and my symptoms continue to improve. My back pain is gone, my second period was again much improved, my urinary frequency is improving, and my waist size is decreasing (I’m down 2 inches after less than 2 months). Overall, I’m so happy this is the treatment I chose! And working with Dr. Warner was amazing. He spent time with me, listened and was very thorough. I felt very well taken care of working with him and with MIPS!

5 Stars

Thank you Dr. Steadman for helping me with my fibroids!

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