5 Little Habits to Help Manage Your Fibroid Pain

Not every woman with fibroids needs surgery or prescription medications. These non-cancerous tumors are known as fibroids can be asymptomatic or can compromise a woman’s quality of life. If you are among the latter, there are 5 little habits to manage your fibroid pain.

Begin a Healthy Diet Plan

We are always hearing that a healthy diet can cure just about anything, and in this case, striving to eat healthy can actually reduce your risk of developing fibroids and may also prevent them from growing larger.

What exactly is a healthy diet plan?

It involves more natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. Apples, tomatoes, broccoli, and cabbage can lower a woman’s risk of developing fibroids.well-balanced lifestyle

A healthy diet usually involves eating less red meat, white flour, baked goods, sugary drinks, and other unhealthy snacks like potato chips.

It also means less sugar. Researchers have found a link between eating  foods with a high sugar content and a high risk of developing fibroids.

Women are encouraged to consume more fiber rich foods like whole grains, which help to reduce many common symptoms of uterine fibroids.

In addition, it is advised for women to reduce their alcohol and caffeine consumption as they  both contribute toward making fibroid pain even worse.

Get More Exercise

Research also shows that walking, running, and even dancing help to lower the chance of developing a fibroid, plus staying active aids in reducing blood pressure. Seven hours per week of activity is optimum.

Try to Relax and Manage Stress Levels

This sounds like more than just a “little habit” to develop. Nothing can make you more stressed than someone telling you to relax, right?

Some researchers believe stress can contribute to the pain of fibroids. You can become more relaxed by trying yoga, getting massages, or even utilizing acupuncture for targeted pain relief. If you find your periods to be especially painful, reach for a warm compress or take a warm bath. Another trick is to lie on your side with your legs tucked to your chest to help relieve back pain.

Soothing music can help with stress management. Allow yourself to relax with a pillow under your knees and your legs elevated above your heart. This is especially helpful if you are having a rough period, but give this little gift to yourself on a regular basis.

Control Your Blood Pressure

There seems to be a link between blood pressure and fibroids. This is an important part of not only managing stress, but staying on a healthy diet. Limit your salt intake to keep your blood pressure low. Check it frequently, and amp up the exercise to keep your vascular system functioning to the best of its ability.

Eliminate One Big Habit

If you smoke, stop. You already know it’s bad for you on a number of levels, and the development of fibroids are no exception.

Easier said than done, but the overall health benefits will be well worth it. Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure risks are lowered just to name a few. With regard to fibroids, smoking actually increases period pain since it reduces the level of oxygen that gets to the pelvic area.

Knowing When to Seek Treatment

Changes to your diet and lifestyle are the first plan of attack to help treat fibroids. Implement these changes slowly and you can create new healthy habits that will last a lifetime, but there are other treatment choices for your fibroid pain if these methods are not enough.

If you would like information about options to treat fibroids, contact Denver Fibroids today!