Patient Testimonials

Read Success Stories from Real Patients of Denver Fibroids


What impacted me the most was that Dr. Spencer told me that she could slightly under embolize my uterine fibroid so that I could still have children in the future and that a lot of her patients have done that as well and that she has a ‘wall of babies’ in her office. This gave me hope, so much hope for my condition and my near and far future. Also, the fact that because of where my largest fibroid was located, at the back of my uterus and near my spine, both Dr. Watson and Dr. Spencer talked and decided it would be best for me to do UFE and didn’t just jump the gun. If I did not have UFE/UAE as an option I would be in a totally different unfortunate situation with this, possibly even without a uterus and future for children.

The fact that this was even an option for me for treatment was found completely on my own. My OBGYN did not offer this option to me at all (she only talked of myomectomy) and after I found you guys myself and brought it up to her, she warned me against it and said I won’t be able to have kids after this procedure and needed to get a myomectomy.

I actually came and spoke to one of your doctors, Dr. Cook, who was super nice btw, but I thought you guys actually did myomectomies so that’s why I went to see him, because my OBGYN pushed me away from UFE and towards a fertility specialist surgeon. He referred me to Dr. Watson who I went to see who actually works with Dr. Spencer and he referred me to her because of my case. He didn’t think a myomectomy would be right or safe for me. Dr. Spencer gave me so much hope and had so much confidence that I truly felt it and wanted her to be my doctor and do this procedure on me.

Considering that I had to wait for this procedure because of COVID every month was worse and worse for me. I started to notice differences in my body and how I felt in the fall of 2019 and then felt something off, a tiny ‘ache’ which I thought was a cyst on my left (side) ovary in December. I had a sonogram done in February 2020 and found that I had I think 7 uterine fibroids, one that was pretty large and by April had grown to be larger than my uterus (MRI Imaging confirmed by Dr. Spencer). By the time I was able to have this procedure in mid-May I was so uncomfortable in my own body, I was swollen in my lower abdomen like I was 6 weeks pregnant, I was unable to wear my jeans, could barely practice yoga, couldn’t lose any weight and was having nerve shocking sensations on my left side randomly as well as extreme fatigue. This procedure gave me so much hope, I literally jumped when I got the call to schedule the procedure. Since the procedure all of my hopes have been lived and then some.

My life is SO MUCH BETTER OMG! I want to tell the world about this, not joking! The nurse at MIPS told me in June at my first-month follow-up that every month would get better and better, especially with periods and swelling. 100% spot on and I’m just over the moon with how great I feel. My periods are getting better and better, with not only heaviness but also cramps, I HAVE NO CRAMPS anymore! I’ve had TERRIBLE cramps since I started my period at age 9 and I’ve NEVER had periods with no cramps. I’m honestly just completely shocked and blown away with happiness. My swelling is pretty much completely gone even before three months and Dr. Spencer said it could take up to six for my big fibroid, but I’m not even worried anymore because I just hit my third month and I’m back in my jeans, I’m practicing yoga, I’m working out every day and I feel fantastic. I honestly have so much energy these days I’m even outlasting my husband when we hang out in the sun all day with friends and come home, NO NAPS for me! haha. I’m beyond excited for how awesome I feel to be honest I can’t get over it. I’m also seeing my body balance out better with the help of the procedure and holistic medicine for healthy hormone pathways etc.

I want to shout it from the highest mountains for all women to hear that you have options! A myomectomy is NOT the only option and do your OWN research! For me the procedure itself went quickly and smoothly, and I know I was on drugs for the procedure, but it went really well. The pain however was tremendous later in the evening because I decided to stop the pain pump for good (bad choice), but I don’t like to be drugged so I had to. I had contractions all throughout the morning (felt just like my miscarriages) and it lasted three full days from procedure day being included. By day 4, no pain, nothing. I was able to immediately stop my pain meds and unfortunately got a full-body rash, but I’m sensitive to meds. By the next Sunday, so day 6, I was back on the spin bike (hesitantly, but it went well). By the time I was in for my one-month review at MIPS, my nurse was shocked at how well I was doing with no issues whatsoever. I do however attribute that to my strong will lol, and having a naturopathic doctor helping me with pre, during, and post supplements/protocol for swelling and healing etc.  I suggest other patients prepare for pre-procedure while taking things to prevent swelling and things that help with healing like high doses of vitamin C etc as well as clearing hormonal pathways in the liver and staying on anti-inflammatory supp’s for a bit post-procedure. IT HELPS SO MUCH. Also, don’t be scared of this procedure, don’t read too far into the things online, just TRUST Dr. Spencer.

My outpatient experience was fantastic. The first nurse was super sweet and made me feel really comfortable and was just so kind, loved her. The other nurses (although I was under the influence and eventually sleeping) were great too.

Overall, I feel so blessed to have done my own research and found, eventually, Dr. Spencer. She has changed my life and my future and I am so grateful I cannot even express how much so. THANK YOU DR. SPENCER!! 😀


I had been working through pain and the many symptoms of fibroids for some time. I used acupuncture that helped temporarily, but over the last year, it just kept getting worse. I am a Native American/African American woman. In the African-American community, the information on fibroids is not widely known. When I went to my OB/GYN and was diagnosed with fibroids, they didn’t provide me with treatment options, just that I needed a hysterectomy. If it wasn’t for a friend in Atlanta, I would have never known about the uterine fibroid embolization procedure. I started researching it on my own and that’s how I found Minimally Invasive Procedure Specialists.

The website was very thorough in explaining what fibroids are, the symptoms (which were everything I had), sharing the connection between fibroids and estrogen, and what to expect.

From my first contact with the person that scheduled my initial appointment, the experience was great! She was very knowledgeable and helpful in directing me to the appropriate MIPS physician for my care. Once I met with Dr. Cook and the team I felt immediately at ease. Dr. Cook said, “Well, let’s get all the facts first and see what will or will not work!” I really liked his interaction and personality. I left with the information I needed and a great pamphlet on uterine fibroid embolization.

On the day of the procedure, I brought my sister to be my advocate when I was unable to communicate. She said that Dr. Cook was just as kind and thorough with her, as he had been with me. Dr. Cook said he wished all patients would bring an advocate like I did!

What I want to convey, is that I loved this office. They go the extra mile to personally care for their patients. Even though it is scary, you are in good hands. I feel amazing today and was able to leave that procedure with all my body parts, and some great shorts! I wake up every day without pain or discomfort and am super excited about my quality of life and how it can only get better! Now, it’s my turn to be an advocate for the community. I’ve already referred 3 of my friends to MIPS and Dr. Cook!